Hspell 0.5 announcement
"Gulliver's Travel"

The original announcement


The text of this announcement is a slightly modified version of a small part of Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels. The original text comes from chapter 1 of book 4 of Gulliver's Travels. In the original story, Gulliver finds himself in a land of intelligent horses, and learns from them the word they use for humans (Yahoo) and the more complicated word they use to call themselves (Houyhnhnm). In our version, Gulliver learns about Hspell 0.5 and the URL of Hspell's homepage.

Other than that, the original text was modified only slightly; "Hat" was changed to Red Hat, "lappet" changed to laptop, and "Magicians" turned into programmers. A short introduction alluding to Israel's 55th independence day (which happened a day earlier) was added, as so was a finale explaining the new features of Hspell 0.5.

To make it easier to guess that this was a Gulliver's Travels parody, the sender of this announcement was named "Lemuel Gulliver". A special account lemuel_gul@yahoo.co.uk was created for this fake "Lemuel". The choice of yahoo.co.uk was deliberate: Gulliver was an Englishman, and a Yahoo (meaning a person, in the horses' language).