Hspell 0.6 announcement
"The Revolution"

The original announcement


Release 0.6 was a revolutionary release of Hspell. The "hspell" program, which was a Perl program for the last five releases, has now become a C program. Performance has improved drastically, and as a side effect of the rewrite, some features have changed considerably.

This is why gave the announcement a revolutionary theme. We started the announcement with a direct quotes of the Beatles' song "Revolution 1", from their white album. The original song naturally had nothing to do with software, but reading it in the context of free software it actually makes a lot of sense: evolution vs. revolution of software, solutions, plans, contribution, and doing what we can.

To fit the theme, we described the three months that had passed since the previous release as "three months of unrest", and ourselves as revolutionaries. We even mentioned the "New Word Order", a pun on the phrase "New World Order"